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Backed by over 125 years of industrial design, engineering and manufacturing experience, Reznor has become a
well-respected leader in waste oil heating products known for their quality, reliability and durability. And at Heating
Alternatives, we believe your Reznor dealer should meet those same high standards.

As an authorized stocking Reznor distributor, dealer, and service center for over 30 years, we offer extensive knowledge
and expertise, in order to help customers across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & Maryland, meet all their waste oil heating needs. As the oldest authorized Reznor distributor in the US, Heating Alternatives Inc. is the undisputed Reznor Waste Oil Heater expert.

Whether you’re new to waste oil heat or looking to replace/repair an existing system, you can always count on Heating Alternatives to provide honest advice and dependable sales and service.

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Why Heating Alternatives?

  • Sales, Installation, Service & Support – we are the experts!
  • Huge selection of parts instock
  • Experienced, factory-trained technicians for fast on-site service.
  • Expert burner overhaul service. Let us do the heavy lifting!
  • Turnkey System Design for customer satisfaction.
  • Call us for all Commercial Equipment including Hotsy Pressure Washers and Cuda Parts Washers.
  • For over 30 years our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled.

Why Waste Oil Heat?

  • Free Fuel = Free Heat when you use your “free” waste oil to heat the building.
  • Comfortable employees when you can set your thermostat to a desirable temperature without added cost!
  • Free Heat means lower expenses!
  • EPA-approved and environmentally responsible waste oil recycling method.
  • Eliminates cost of oil haul-off and potential of liability from spills.
  • Return on Investment is rapid, often within 2-years, with affordable start-up costs, and low maintenance.
  • Go Green – good for the planet!

Why Reznor?

  • Reliability, durability and efficiency translate into a lower cost of ownership.
  • Industry Best Warranty on combustion chamber and heat exchanger assemblies.
  • Adjustment free since we include a quiet on-board air compressor and automatic fuel metering oil pump.
  • Reduced Maintenance Requirements through oversized combustion chamber and two stage oil heating.
  • Largest manufacturer of commercial and industrial heating equipment in North America.


Reznor Waste Oil Heaters

Reznor offers 10 models of waste oil heaters and 2 waste oil boiler models to choose from. See below for product highlights, specification sheets and brochures.

RA Space Heaters & RAD Series Ductable Furnaces

 The RA Series units are propeller fan type units, while the RAD (ductable furnace) units utilize centrifugal blowers and accommodate ductwork. Other features include:
  • Chamber Design - Large easily accessible service panels for easy cleaning
  • User Friendly - Long intervals between clean outs
  • Easy Installation - Ceiling suspended or combined with workbench tank and stand
  • Available Models and Sizes - 150,000, 250,000, 350,000, and 500,000 btu's/hr input
  >> View Brochure for RA/D150 and RA/D250
>> View Brochure for RA/D350 and RA/D500
>> View Specification Sheet

RV Series Space Heaters

Reznor RV Series Space Heaters are user-friendly and the least expensive to maintain, offering simplicity and efficiency. Flexible installation options…choose to discharge hot air from the front, back or both. Other features include:
  • Chamber Design - Swing out burner door and full access to both ends of heat exchanger for quick ash removal.
  • User Friendly - Industry's longest interval between cleaning and easiest ash removal. Least expensive to maintain.
  • Easy Installation - Ceiling suspended or combined with workbench tank and stand.
  • Ductable Ready - Duct now, later, or never, and discharge hot air from front, back or both simultaneously. Perfect for between bay installations.
  • Available Models and Sizes - 200,000 and 280,000 btu's/hr input.
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RAB Series Boilers

The RAB Series use Buderus boilers (ASME stamped) with Reznor’s advanced burner, fuel delivery and combustion technologies. A full three-pass Thermostream design operates under any water temperature and preheats the return water. Large heat area with minimal stack heat loss. Easy to service. Other features include:
  • The Best Design - High thermal efficiencies, low stack temperatures, condensation and thermal shock proof, no hot spots, no cold spots, and full swing reversible burner door.
  • The Best Materials - Silicone and graphite injected cast Iron provides excellent Corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and flexibility.
  • The Best Workmanship - Centuries of hydronic experience.
  • Available Models and Sizes - 350,000 and 500,000 btu's/hr input.
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