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Every Hotsy Cold Water Power Washer is furnished with a 50' hose, trigger gun, wand , nozzles and detergent injector!

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For your next Cold Water Pressure Washer, make sure it's a Hotsy!  These units are reliable, durable and backed by the industry best warranty.  We offer a wide range of cold water pressure washer models to meet your cleaning application and to fit any budget!

HD Series Cold Water Power Washer

Gas Engine - Electric Start or Pull Start - Direct Drive or Belt Drive

The HD Series offers 8 different models and is one of Hotsy’s top selling cold water power washer series.  These units have a modular design and can be converted into a skid with ease.  They come with corrosion resistant aluminum frames and flat-free tires.  Pick the model that suits your needs based upon power, convenience and application.   

Starting at just $1,046  

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HC Series Hand-Held Cold Water Power Washer

Gas Engine - Handheld - Direct Drive - 2,400 psi

The HC Handheld unit is powered by a Honda GX160 engine, and offers 2,400 PSI of cleaning capability. This cold water power washer weighs just 80 lbs and has a convenient carrying handle.

  Get yours now for just $1,262 


BX Series Cold Water Power Washer

Gas Engine - Belt Drive - Pull Start - Up to 3,500 psi

The BX Series models are belt drive units and are Powered by Honda Engines.  These units are rugged, come with the Hotsy Triplex Pump, have powder coated frames, flat-free tires make for easy handling, and have an optional hose reel.  Two (2) models are available.

  Starting at $1,930 

1700 Series Cold Water Power Washer

Electric Motor - Belt Drive - Up to 3,000 psi

The 1700 Series is one of the most reliable stationary cold-water power washer on the market. This series is comprised of 17 different models to accommodate a wide range of applications.  Various options for the 1700 Series models include auto stop/start, wheel kits, wall brackets, stainless steel covers, and more...  

  Starting at $2,414

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HIGH FLOW Series Cold Water Power Washer

Gas Engine - Belt Drive - Up to 8 gpm at 3,000 psi

The High Flow Series is a cold-water power washer with 8gpm, made to blast through the toughest of cleaning jobs such as construction sites, farming equipment and waste or debris removal. Every model comes with a 50' hose and comes available with options such as a flat-free cart kit or a 100' hose reel.  Three (3) models to choose from.

  Starting at only $4,979 

DB Series Cold Water Power Washer

Gas Engine - Direct-Drive Engine - Pull Start - Up to 4,000 PSI 

Being one of the most compact and durable cold water power washer series on the market, the DB Series features a lightweight steel, a direct-drive triplex pump and powered by HONDA engines. The EZ Hose Reel Kit is available for this series.  There are five (5) different models to chose from.

  Starting at only $1,496  


BD & HHD Series Cold Water Power Washer

Gas Engine - Belt-Drive - Up to 5,000 PSI 

The BD & HHD Series is the most rugged cold water power washer on the market.  Super powerful gas engines together with the Hotsy Triplex Pump deliver up to 5,000 psi of power.  These belt drive units feature a steel frames and flat free tires, and and is a top choice among professionals. Electric start and hose reels options are available.  Five (5) models are available to choose from.

  Starting at just $3,064  


CWC Series Stationary Cold Water Power Washer

Electric Motor - Belt-Drive Engine - Smart Relay - Up to 3,000 psi

The CWC Series is a stationary cold water power pressure that is electric powered. It features a programmable smart control, an upstream detergent injector and a wireless remote control is an option.  Eight (8) models are available.

  Starting at $4,505  

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