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Hot water pressure washers are the most common chosen equipment among industry professionals in Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Fleet Washing, Contract Cleaning, Mining and Heavy Duty Equipment Companies. These top grade power washers effectively break down grime and dirt while speeding up the cleaning process to increase your businesses efficiency. Hot Water Power Washers are ideal for tough industrial applications, come with the top warranties in the industry,

and are effective labor saving tools.

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Nothing cleans like a Hotsy

                  What is the difference between

                                              Direct Drive Pumps & Belt Drive Pumps

A "Direct Drive" pump has a hollow shaft, which simply slides onto the drive shaft of a motor or engine. Direct drive pumps allow for a more compact designed pressure washer. Another advantage is that this drive system is simple, with fewer moving parts; therefore less expensive. Electric motors typically will turn a direct drive pump at 3450 RPM or 1725 RPM.

A "Belt Drive" pump has a pulley mounted to its solid shaft and is driven by one or more belts that are attached to a pulley on the motor or engine. Belts and pulleys absorb vibration, reducing pump fatigue. Because of these factors, most heavy use pressure washer applications will demand a belt drive pump.


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