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12 ft to 24 ft Diameter

Long Island Trusted Supplier

High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) Industrial Ceiling Fans

Ensure more efficient distribution of heating and cooling

Heating Alternatives Inc. is a leading distributor of HVLS fans from MacroAir. Efficient forms of energy are imperative to the daily operating functions of a business. With MacroAir HVLS Commercial fans—not only will your place of business feel comfortable on your skin, but it will feel cool and comfortable in your pockets as well! The MacroAir HVLS commercial fans are built to perfection to give you the biggest bang for your buck without sacrificing the fundamental quality of the product or the needs of your business.

Reduce your HVAC Expenses

  up to 25% by installing HVLS Fan

Simplicity, reliability, and efficiency. There isn’t much of anything that the MacroAir HVLS Commercial Fans do not cover. Along with technology that allows ease of use at ground-level, the MacroAir has been shown to reduce cooling costs by a massive 30% when used with traditional HVAC equipment.

Lasting, Quiet, & Powerful

money saving ceiling fans

The MacroAir crushes its competition with some of its key features: lightest weight, softest sound production, and most powerful motor—innovative and engineered to supersede its predecessors!

Smartest fan on the market

Macro Airfans offer ground-level diagnostics, touchpad remote, and full operations integration with Airbrain.

Smallest, Quietest Motor

A direct-drive motor that’s quiet, 3× smaller and 5× more powerful.

  • D-Drive, next-generation DC motor

  • Only 24’ direct-drive fan on the market

  • 50% greater continuous horsepower

Complete Temperature Control

Cut energy consumption year round! Stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter!

Industrial & Commercial HVLS Fans MODELS

  • Ideal for Airplane Hangers, Warehouses, Airports, and Stadiums

MacroAir HLVS Fan Model 780

  • Available Blade Diameters 20 ft & 24 ft

MacroAir HLVS Fan Model D3

  • Affordable option for Gyms, Manufacturers, and Agriculture

  • Available Blade Diameters 12 ft - 24 ft

MacroAir HLVS Fan Model 580

  • Ideal for Airplane Retail Stores, Equestrian, and Manufaccturing

  • Available Blade Diameters 8 ft - 18 ft

MacroAir HLVS Fan Model 370

  • Ideal for low ceilings and smaller spaces

  • Available Blade Diameters 6 ft - 12 ft

COOLING & HEATING Commercial HVAC Solutions

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