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Break down dirt and grime fast with the easy-to-use Hotsy Foam Cannon  Power Washer Foam Attachment HOTSY 8.710-126.0

When it comes to cleaning, the Hotsy Foam Cannon is a must have in any heavy-duty cleaning arsenal and is one of the top selling power washer foam attachments on the market. This power washer foam attachment applies a thick layer of detergent to your cleaning surface, allowing the detergent the necessary time to activate and truly clean to its full potential.


Simply install the power washer foam attachment to your current nozzle or spray tip then just pull the trigger.


Maximize Cleaning Power with the Hotsy Foam Cannon

This power washer foam attachment quickly foams detergent creating a thick, shaving cream like foam that melts dirt away with fast.


Max. Pressure: 3200 PSI

Max Flow Rate: 4.8 GPM

Max Temperature: 176ºF

Orifice Size: 1.5mm

Product ID#: 8.710-126.0

Stainless-Steel Foam Turbulator

High-Impact Polyethylene

Brass Meter Valve


***This power washer foam attachment can be be used on hot or cold power washers.

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