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Clean Effortlessly with the 21" Hotsy Power Washer Surface Cleaner

Product ID# 8.753-572.0

This power washer surface cleaner can be used on pretty much any surface. Hotsy designed this 21” Surface Cleaner with small nozzles on a spinning arm, which notably provides an even cleaning path.

Featuring a durable stainless-steel frame and 4 caster wheels for optimal maneuverability, this power washer surface cleaner saves you time, money and effort!


**This power washer surface cleaner can be used with HOT or COLD power washers


  • Easily remove unsightly lines & uneven marks on concrete

  • Faster, Cleaner spray than a wand along with no stripping

  • 3/8 male quick connector plugs into your pressure washer hose

  • Handles up to 212°F


Width: 21”

Max Pressure: 4000

Max Flow Rate: 8

Mac Temperature (°F): 212


This power washer surface cleaner is great for cleaning applications such as:

Concrete & Asphalt

Tennis Courts

Ramps & Demps

Large Flat Surfaces

Factory Floors

Semi Trailer Floors


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