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Heating Alternatives, Inc.

Industrial Pressure Washers & Heating Equipment Brooklyn NY

Commercial Pressure Washers Brooklyn NY

Power Washer Sales, Repair, & Parts

Heating Alternatives Inc., has been helping commercial business owners for over 35 years with power washer equipment in Brooklyn NY. Whether you’re looking for a commercial / industrial power washer for your facility or business, you can always buy with confidence from us as well as save money. Not only do we supply power washing equipment, but power washer replacement parts and repairs. For a FREE Sales or Service Quote for Brooklyn NY, please give us a call!

Waste Oil Heating Equipment, OEM Parts, Service & Repair in Brooklyn NY

We supplies factory direct REZNOR waste oil heating equipment, parts & service throughout Brooklyn NY With over 35 years of experience, we will assist you in determining the right waste oil heater for your business. We can also assist in providing the right part for your furnace. Local Pick-up or Delivery through out the Brooklyn NY.

**FREE Estimates & 0% Financing Available

Commercial Power Washers, Accessories & Service


When you need a quality, affordable power washer for your business or home, finding the right one that fits your needs and budget can be a challenge. Heating Alternative Inc., is your top supplier of commercial pressure washing equipment, detergents, parts and service.

Heating Alternatives Inc. offers Easy- Pay Financing Options in Brooklyn NY on all commercial equipment including waste oil heaters, industrial pressure washers and large diameter fans.


Professionals with over 35 years knowledge & expertise

Heating Alternatives Inc., always provides your business with top power washing equipment and replacement parts, no matter where you are in Brooklyn NY. We only want to supply you with quality commercial equipment and make sure you are always using the power washer that best suits your needs. Being an Authorized Dealer for Hotsy, our power washers come with the best warranties and for the best prices you can find in Brooklyn NY. We supply our Hotsy power washers to Long Island, Nassau County, Queens, & NYC while our replacements parts are available for order anywhere in th US. Call a power washer expert you cantrust and always get the best deal when you call us for your commercial power washing equipment in Brooklyn NY!

Get the right equipment for your industry needs

Save Money & Increase Efficiency

Combining quality power washers with minimal energy solutions will save you money while increasing your Bronx NY facility or business's efficiency. You can also increase productivity while creating safe work environments for your employees. We can help you design the right solutions that always reach your specific requirements, whether your an airplane hanger, car dealership, power washing company, or fitness center. Heating alternatives is your #1 Trusted Bronx NY Supplier for Commercial Grade Power Washers and Power Washer Parts.

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