Get the most out of your commercial / industrial pressure washer with the easy-to-use and attach Hotsy Foam Cannon Attachment! The Hotsy Foamer Attachement is a must have in any cleaning arsenal! The high-pressure sprayer will help break drown dirt and grime faster while saving you time & money!


For use on hot or cold power washers



(1)  Hotsy Foam Cannon, High Pressure Washer Attachment Accessory Part

     Product ID# 8.710-126.0

Hotsy Foam Cannon

SKU: 8.710-126.0
  • * Stainless Steel Foam Turbulator 
    * Brass Metering Valve

    * 3200 PSI Max Pressure

    * 4.8 GPM Max Flow
    * 176ºF Max Temperature
    * High-Impact Polyethylene