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Power Washer Trigger Gun 5000 PSI 10.5 GPM


This easy to grip power washer trigger gun is specifically designed for HOTSY Pressure Washing  Equipment but work very well with all brands. Combining quality and innovation, this power washer accessory is the ulitmate addition to any power washing arsenal!


For use on hot or cold power washers



(1)  Hotsy Trigger Gun, Red



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Power Washer Trigger Gun 5000 PSI 10.5 GPM

SKU: trigger-gun-5000-psi-10.5-gpm
  • PSI:  5000
    GPM:    10.5
    Temp: 320

    INLET: 3/8"FPT

    OUTLER: 1/4" FPT


    Greater Oil Resistance:
    Both the tube and the cover carry the maximum Class A ORS (Oil Resistance Rating) for longer life. Most brands of hose only carry a Class B rating.


    High-Temperature Rating:
    Tuff-Skin hoses are rated for continuous temperatures up to 275 / 310 Degrees F intermittent.


    Special Wire Braid:
    Unique design of braid gives Tuff-Skin hose added durability, greater working pressure and higher impulse cycle for both the double and single wire products

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