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Why Choose REZNOR?

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How is our waste oil heater superior to the competition’s? It starts with our super reliable waste oil burner, with its two stage oil heating and simple temperature controls, efficient oil heating, built-in oil filter, and fine misting of the oil that allows it to be burned easily.  Reznor's built-in quiet air compressor produces a clean and reliable source of air for oil atomization, so there’s no need for your compressor

to make the furnace run. 


The metering fuel oil pump always pumps the correct amount of fuel regardless of viscosity, so you will never adjust oil pressure.  The efficient combustion chamber squeezes out the heat of the fuel so you have more heat in the shop and less going up the chimney.  The large quiet warm air fan(s) distribute the heat around the shop making you warm and keeping the chamber cool.  And maintenance is a snap.  The furnace(s) are built from the ground up as a waste oil heater, so they are designed to be easily cleaned and maintained.

The bottom line:  Reznor Waste Oil Heaters are reliable, rugged, durable, and quiet. 

They will get you warmer faster and save you a ton of money!

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