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Reznor Waste Oil Furnaces & Boilers are designed with the economy in mind to ensure proper use of waste oil and provide an invaluable option for businesses to take advantage of the ability to recycle right back into their own business! Not only are Reznor Waste Oil Heaters & Boilers cost-effective, but they are environmentally friendly, increase your company’s return on investment, and create a way for companies to contribute in the global effort to preserve irreplaceable sources of natural energy.

With the advancements in technology, it only makes sense to re-use waste oil rather than spending a large portion of company funding on expensive and environmentally scarce fuel oil. Instead of purchasing fuel twice—once for your automotive or other business where waste is plentiful, and again to heat your place of business—save immensely on fuel costs by purchasing once and re-using thereafter!

Waste Oil Fired MODELS

Reznor Propeller Fan & Ductable Furnaces

RA150, RA250, RA350, RA500 & RAD150, RAD250, RAD350, RAD500

  • Chamber Design – Large easily accessible service panels for easy cleaning

  • User Friendly – Long intervals between clean outs

  • Easy Installation – Ceiling suspended or combined with workbench tank and stand

  • Available Models and Sizes – 150,000, 250,000, 350,000, and 500,000 btu’s/hr input

The REZNOR Waste Oil Heater RA Series units are propeller fan type units, while the RAD (ductable furnace) units utilize centrifugal blowers and accommodate ductwork.

Reznor Waste Oil Furnaces RV Series

RV225 & RV325

  • Automatic, thermostat controlled operation

  • 10-year combustion chamber/heat exchanger limited warranty

  • NEW! - Heavy gauge, single-passage combustion chamber/heat exchanger

  • 115V Supply - Model RV225 230V Supply - Model RV325

  • Remote pump system provides a metered flow of fuel

The Reznor Waste Oil Heater RV Series is designed to burn used oil but also burn #2 oils without adjustment. Its large panels allows you easy access to both ends of the combustion chamber/heat exchanger and comes with a 10 year warranty!

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The RAB Series use Buderus boilers (ASME stamped) with Reznor’s advanced burner, fuel delivery and combustion technologies. A full three-pass Thermostream design operates under any water temperature and preheats the return water.

Reznor RAB Series Hot Water Boilers

RAB350 & RAB500

  • High thermal efficiencies, low stack temperatures, condensation and thermal shock proof, no hot spots, no cold spots, and full swing reversible burner door.

  • Silicone and graphite injected cast iron provides excellent corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and flexibility.

  • Available Models and Sizes – 350,000 and 500,000 btu’s/hr input.

Waste Oil Heater Repair & Service

We offer:

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Helpful and knowledgeable staff to answer all your questions

  • Same Day or Next Day shipping on most parts

  • Experienced, factory-trained technicians

  • Well-stocked service trucks for efficient onsite service

At Heating Alternatives Inc., we understand the need to have readily accessible and efficient service and repair for your Waste Oil Heaters & Boilers. We provide professionally trained technicians to restore your equipment to proper functioning condition with little down time. In addition to being there when you need us, we offer affordable scheduled maintenance programs to ensure operating efficiency of your Waste Oil Heater or Boiler and extend the life of your investment.

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Waste Oil Heater Replacement Parts

  • Temperature Switches

  • Nozzles

  • Filters

  • Spin On Lenz Filters

  • Gaskets

  • Pumps

  • Motors & More

With a huge inventory of common waste oil heater replacement parts in stock at our large warehouse, you’re sure to find everything you need at Heating Alternatives, Inc.

Waste Oil Heater Nozzles, Waste Oil Heater Temperature Switches, Waste Oil Heater Replacement Parts, Waste Oil Heater Pumps,

Waste Oil Heater Motors

We will overhaul your burner and clean out those clogged, difficult to reach oil passages, replace any faulty or out dated parts, setup the burner to the factory specifications, and apply any appropriate factory updates.  The end-result will be a steady, hot, efficient flame. 

Waste Oil Burner Rebuilding & Reconditioning

If your waste-oil burner is not performing properly, it can have a tremendous effect on your work conditions… and your bottom line. And replacing the complete furnace can be an extremely budget-unfriendly proposition.

That’s where Heating Alternatives comes in. If your flame does not look the way it looked when your furnace was new, or your unit has stopped functioning altogether, we’re here to help. Just send the burner to us, and have it professionally re-built to it’s like-new functioning condition.

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